Bachelorette Party Theme Ideas for Your Ibiza Holiday in 2024

Are you tasked with organising an unforgettable bachelorette party in Ibiza?

Look no further than Ibiza, the jewel of the Mediterranean, known for its sun-kissed beaches, hippie vibe and on the contrast, also a nightlife that dances to the rhythm of the sea.

Embrace the island’s unique blend of relaxation and excitement, perfect for the bride-to-be and her squad. Whether you’re looking for a day spent lounging on golden sands, a luxurious surprise Ibiza style picnic, a spiritual retreat with yoga and wellness activities, or nights filled with dance and laughter in some of the world’s most famous clubs, Ibiza has it all.

In Ibiza, every moment is a chance to create memories that will be etched in your hearts forever, turning simple celebrations into legendary tales of joy, discovery, and connection.

Let’s suggest 6 party in Ibiza ideas you can create for your next vacation in 2024:


1. Luxurious Bohemian Ibiza Style Picnic

Imagine that you and your friends planned to surprise the bride-to-be with this instagrammable, picture-perfect, Ibiza boho picnic setup overlooking the Mediterranean clear waters. Picture plush cushions, elegant low-lying tables, and sparkling azure glassware set against the backdrop of Ibiza’s natural beauty.

Ibiza Secret Picnic, renowned for crafting bespoke bohemian and celebratory experiences, offers a boho-chic Ibiza picnic setup that includes high-end crystal cut azure glassware, super comfy boho cushions, tastefully selected rugs, boho decorations, custom low-lying picnic tables, soft linen pink napkins, and music in the background. This setting is an immersive experience that blends gourmet dining with the island’s natural splendor, making it an ideal choice for a memorable bachelorette party. Check out the instagram account for more inspiration.

Garnering top rankings and the honor of being selected as TripAdvisor’s 2023 Traveler’s Choice, our reputation precedes us in curating experiences that resonate with the essence of Ibiza. Reserve your bachelorette picnic today.

Price idea: from 139/pers (food and drinks included) – (depending on group size, decorations, options).

Duration: 2 hrs

hen do party ibiza best picnic experience


2. Surprise Hen Do Party at Your Private Villa in Ibiza

Organising an event in a public space comes with limitations, so why not opt in for organising an amazing hen do party at your villa in Ibiza? While you are away, let us turn your villa into a fun, eccentric and extravagant celebration canvas.

Ibiza Secret Picnic can transform your villa into a bohemian paradise, complete with bride-to-be decorations, a private chef to cater to your culinary wishes, a DJ to keep the beats going, and a professional photo shoot to capture the moments. Having a photographer capture your bachelorette party, will be a fantastic way to always remember these moments. After your holiday, you can organise a hard copy album with your best Ibiza moments and gift it to the bride.

This personalised celebration ensures the bride-to-be and her squad enjoy an exclusive and elegant party tailored to their preferences. Contact us today to start planning. We can organise fun photo props, entertainment and more. Contact us today to plan your day. 

Price idea: from 230/pers with private chef & decorations (depending on the number of guests).

Duration: 3.5 hrs or more

Ibiza Secret Picnic Bachelorette picnic Ibiza Secret Picnic Bachelorette picnic at private villa


3. Bachelorette Boat Party Experience.

Taking your celebration to the waters around Ibiza can transform a great day into an epic one. Let us help you charter a boat, decorate it to match your theme, and set sail around the island’s picturesque coastline.

Whether it’s sipping champagne as you dive into the Mediterranean or dancing on deck, a boat party offers a unique twist to your Ibiza celebration and we can organise it for you. Depending on the size of your party, we can also organise a DJ, a sound system (according to the regulations), food and drinks. Contact us today to plan your day. 

Price idea – from 280 per person

Duration: half day or full day

Ibiza bachelorette boat party


4. Hen do Ibiza adventure

For the more adventurous souls, why not theme your celebration around exploration and hiking? Ibiza is home to hidden coves, historic sites, and stunning natural landscapes waiting to be discovered. Let us organize a hiking experience guided by a professional Ibicenco guide,  to a secluded picnic spot, or a scenic tour that ends with a fabulous luxury picnic overlooking Es Vedra.

It’s a great way to bond with your group and experience a different side of Ibiza. Contact us today to plan your day. 

Price idea: from 200/pers including picnic and hike

Duration: half day

5. Ibiza Wellness Retreat – Your Ultimate Bachelorette Girl Dream

This is the ultimate celebration dream for most girls: Mix celebration with rejuvenation having fun with your best friends, by planning a wellness-themed getaway.

Start your day with a beach yoga session, followed by a healthy picnic brunch, and followed by a spa day. It’s a wonderful way to reset and make the most of Ibiza’s tranquil beauty, ensuring you return home refreshed and invigorated. We organise transportation for you and your party, so you don’t have to think or plan anything this day. Just get together, receive your bachelorette itinerary and be ready to have fun. This package is fully customizable and can include: private yoga session for your group, luxurious bohemian brunch picnic in a scenic location, a guided hike, massages in nature or at a designated Spa, a Spa day including sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, ice bath, and much more. Contact us today to plan your day. 

Price idea: from 269 per person including Spa Day at a 5 star luxury hotel including daybed at the pool, yoga class, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, Champagne glass, transportation to and from location, and a welcome drink to another stunning venue.

Duration: Full Day Event

Ibiza Spa Day organise your bachelorette event

6. Ibiza Spiritual Bachelorette Experience

Discover the transformative power of Ibiza with a Spiritual Bachelorette Experience, meticulously designed for the bride-to-be seeking a deeper connection and purification before embarking on her marital journey. This sacred celebration integrates ancient spiritual practices such as energy clearing ceremonies to release past attachments, Sound Bath healing ceremonies, and guided meditation sessions for grounding and centering. Surrounded by Ibiza’s natural splendor, engage in these profound rituals with your closest friends, creating a space of healing, renewal, and unity, setting the foundation for the bride’s next chapter in life. Contact us today to organise this amazing experience for your group.

Price idea : from 220 per pers.

Duration: half day.

Transform the bride’s last days of singledom into an epic adventure in Ibiza, where every moment is a chance to celebrate friendship, freedom, and the forthcoming nuptials. From luxurious beach clubs to private villa parties, and sunset sails to exclusive dining experiences, Ibiza offers endless possibilities to tailor the perfect bachelorette getaway.

Join us on this enchanting island and discover why Ibiza is the ultimate destination for a bachelorette party that’s as beautiful and vibrant as the bonds it celebrates. Contact us today to plan your day. 

Ibiza bachelorette boat party

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