Ibiza Secret Picnic Packages

Welcome to Ibiza Secret Picnic, where every moment deserves to be celebrated in style!

We crafted an experience that is all-inclusive of food & drinks, so you don’t have to make any decisions.

Surrender in Ibiza with Ibiza Secret Picnic Experience.

the most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Ibiza - Ibiza secret Picnic

All Inclusive Luxury Date Night Experience

2-4 people

For the most romantic Ibiza experience or a small friends & family gathering

Looking for the perfect date in Ibiza or to have a  special evening with your friends or family?

Surprise them with a bohemian Ibiza picnic experience in the most romantic secret locations on Ibiza. 

Guaranteed to impress your lover! 

Perfect for couples looking for a magical evening in Ibiza to spend quality time together or celebrate a milestone.

Starts At €449 399 per experience

limited time offer

Ibiza Secret Picnic birthday/ wedding / bachelorette/ hen do/ group picnic

Celebration Group Picnic Experience

Ideal for 4-12 people, perfect for birthday celebration, hen do, friends & family reunions.

Allow yourself to be surprised and pampered with a unique picnic with the best view on the island, or let us organise a pop-up event at your private villa or garden?

The best unique way to celebrate birthdays, bachelorette parties, renewing wedding vows or small wedding celebrations in Ibiza.

Do something different this time in Ibiza.

Starts At €129 p.p.

Ibiza secret Picnic marriage proposal planner

Marriage Proposal Package

We make magic happen and you take all the credit.

We design your partner's dream proposal in Ibiza. Sunset picnic proposal is the most romantic way to propose in Ibiza and our setup is made to impress your partner. 

We take care of your Ibiza marriage proposal planning. We offer a full proposal package with private chauffeur,  photographer, live music and more. For consistency and 5 star service, we have an in-house photograher which is one of the best couple photographers on Ibiza. 

We are proposal planners and take care of your special moment, so you don't have to think about anything else than what you're going to say.

Contact us today to start planning

Ibiza Secret Picnic

A speakeasy experience like no other.

Prepare for an unforgettable Ibiza adventure where the location remains a tantalizing secret until the moment you arrive.

Our Recent Ibiza Picnics
& Picnic ideas for you

Live Music at Your Ibiza Secret Picnic

Friends & Family Picnic

Do something unique and fun on your trip to Ibiza this year.

Create unforgettable memories as a family and embrace the joy of togetherness in Ibiza nature.

Mini weddings in Ibiza

Ibiza Micro Wedding

Dreaming of eloping in Ibiza?

Escape the traditional wedding fuss and opt for a dreamy elopement in Ibiza.

Picture yourself exchanging vows under the sun-kissed sky, followed by a romantic picnic for two or with your close friends & family. It’s an intimate celebration that captures the essence of your love story in this idyllic Mediterranean paradise.

Ibiza Secret Musical Sunset

Ibiza Secret Picnic Sessions

Enjoy a unique picnic experience in Ibiza with our Secret Picnic Sessions, featuring live music.

Feast on delectable gourmet food at hidden spots while being serenaded by talented musicians, creating an extraordinary and memorable Ibiza experience with your friends and family.

group event in ibiza

Ibiza Secret Hikes

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Ibiza Secret Hikes, where hidden trails reveal the island’s natural beauty.

Discover secluded paths and secret spots that only locals know, making your hiking experience in Ibiza truly unforgettable.

And for a perfect day, complete your Ibiza adventure with a secret picnic in the most amazing places and celebrate life with mimosas and fresh juices which accompany the healthy ecological lunch. 

Ibiza Bachelorette Party Picnic

Ibiza Bachelorette Picnic

Honor the bride-to-be with an unforgettable Ibiza Bachelorette Picnic, featuring exquisite wine and delectable vegetarian charcuterie boards. 

Here is the best idea on how to celebrate a hen do in Ibiza: a bachelorette picnic by day and your favorite club by night. 

Capture Insta-worthy moments and unforgettable memories for the bride-to-be with our Signature Pink Champagne Decor and Instagrammable Ibiza Bachelorette Picnic.

From laughter-filled moments to heartfelt connections, these Hen Do pictures become a beautiful reminder of the love and celebration surrounding her journey to forever.

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